I did my visa application today. The crowd was quite huge when my friend and I came in the office. It was mainly our own fault for arriving late -we were there at around 11.45am. After half an hour of fidgeting on our seats and gossiping nonsensically (yeah, lecturers nowadays), our stomachs were making all sorts of noises. Unfortunately, the kind guard told me that he would close the entrance door at half past noon, so only those remaining inside will be entertained. Contemplating of starvng ourselves to death against getting the visa done asap was quite a challenge to decide on at that moment. Outside the MCA building, there was only one Secret Recipe in sight and that was by far, the nearest place for food. Mentally calculating that we won’t make it back on time, we decided to go for the former -starvation.

It paid off. Not many others were willing to sacrifice their hunger like we did, so the numbers were called out quite fast during our ‘imprisonment’. My session was really quick, around 10 minutes, and the VFS worker was very pleasant. He said I could check online of my application status by tomorrow afternoon at 4.30pm. Will do just that.

I need not explain that once all was submitted, we rushed for our belated lunch. Oh the hunger! I gobbled my chicken lasagna so fast I could’ve sworn the other patrons thought we hadn’t eaten in days. And the slice of ‘indulgence’ cake was a piece of heaven. That’ll definitely add to my calories -thank God I’m stick thin!


Fast delivery (and it’s not McD)

There are generally two types of people, those who easily believe in TV commercials and those who don’t. Though I would like to belong in the latter category, admittedly at times, I am suckered into trying out new things out of curiosity. Like the new KFC Zinger Maxx burger (which is delicious by the way).. Clear shampoo (smells nice and gets rid of my dandruffs).. Cornetto’s minicones (it must’ve been the cat in the ad that begged me to try).. So when I saw the FedEx ad about the diligent worker walking through water to get his package right on time to the customer.. I just thought this company was giving itself too much credit.

Then the day came when I am to receive my very important document (see last post) via another delivery service, DHL. Miss Rylands emailed me on Monday (Feb 19th) with the tracking number so I can keep in touch with my delivery. Check this out.

Date Time Location Service Area Checkpoint Details

February 20, 2007 11:25 East Midlands – UK Shipment picked up
February 20, 2007 19:40 East Midlands – UK Departing origin
February 21, 2007 03:31 East Midlands – UK Departed from DHL facility in East Midlands – UK
February 21, 2007 06:27 London-Heathrow – UK Arrived at DHL facility in London-Heathrow – UK
February 21, 2007 07:55 London-Heathrow – UK Departed from DHL facility in London-Heathrow – UK
February 22, 2007 09:20 Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Arrived at DHL facility in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
February 22, 2007 12:28 Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Departed from DHL facility in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
February 22, 2007 13:28 Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Arrived at DHL Facility
February 22, 2007 14:38 Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Delivery attempted; recipient not home
February 22, 2007 18:17 Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia With delivery courier
February 22, 2007 19:47 Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia Shipment delivered

The DHL guy was literally running on my driveway to deliver me my stuff, I glanced at the time, it was around 7.45pm (I was already in my praying attire when he knocked on my door). These people aren’t kidding in fast delivery. In just 3 days, I got my package. Not bad, ey? So some ads do show the real deal, minus some exaggerations of course. Now, I’m thinking of trying out that new Olay’s Total Effect product. One of my best friend, Leha, swears it made her scars less visible!

How It All Started

After months, MONTHS of agony, waiting for that one word.. I finally got it! Just yesterday the UoN has changed my application status to ‘unconditional’ and my newly-found friend Ms.Rylands from the admissions office has DHL-ed the letter. So that’ll probably gonna take a week or so to reach my home on this side of the globe. No matter.. I got it!

Note for future reference (so that I can repeatedly tell my grandkids)

Given that I may not remember what I wrote in here in a year’s time, lemme just state as to why this whole ‘waiting’ thingie was so agonizing in the first place –

  • Got the conditional offer letter in October ’06
  • Took TOEFL as required by Admissions in November ’06
  • Got the result approximately 3 weeks later (did pretty well, I might add, hehe). Had ordered ETS to directly mail the result to the Uni on the application form.. So they’d get the result the same time as I did, yes?
  • Nope. Due to my own stupidity for not including the University code, the Uni did not receive it. So I had to pay an additional $14 for the ETS to mail the cert all over again
  • The Uni finally got my result (in paper) as written in their email to me late January ’07
  • Come February.. still no change in my status online. started to fidget.
  • By mid February, still no change. Called UK
  • “Oh, yes I do see that we have received your result in the system. But I don’t understand why I haven’t received it yet..” This comes from the nice lady, Ms.Stan at the PG admissions. After reassuring me that ‘she’d get right to it’ that same day, felt slightly (but definitely not entirely) better. It was friday.
  • Had my kenduri doa selamat that Sunday. It’s something like a farewell-cum-good luck party, only in the Malay customs, it’s followed by prayers, home-cooked food and loads of relatives extending their wishes (and some nosy ones asking when/where/how questions). Now do you see why I was practically hanging on dear life? It would be so terribly, unbearably embarrassing for me if the letter did not reach me on time, or worse, if the University changed its mind after enduring all that. I desperately needed that piece of paper to proceed with visa application. Oh yeah, did I mention that the programme starts in March ’07? Uhuh.

That’s the story. Hey, I got it!