I did my visa application today. The crowd was quite huge when my friend and I came in the office. It was mainly our own fault for arriving late -we were there at around 11.45am. After half an hour of fidgeting on our seats and gossiping nonsensically (yeah, lecturers nowadays), our stomachs were making all sorts of noises. Unfortunately, the kind guard told me that he would close the entrance door at half past noon, so only those remaining inside will be entertained. Contemplating of starvng ourselves to death against getting the visa done asap was quite a challenge to decide on at that moment. Outside the MCA building, there was only one Secret Recipe in sight and that was by far, the nearest place for food. Mentally calculating that we won’t make it back on time, we decided to go for the former -starvation.

It paid off. Not many others were willing to sacrifice their hunger like we did, so the numbers were called out quite fast during our ‘imprisonment’. My session was really quick, around 10 minutes, and the VFS worker was very pleasant. He said I could check online of my application status by tomorrow afternoon at 4.30pm. Will do just that.

I need not explain that once all was submitted, we rushed for our belated lunch. Oh the hunger! I gobbled my chicken lasagna so fast I could’ve sworn the other patrons thought we hadn’t eaten in days. And the slice of ‘indulgence’ cake was a piece of heaven. That’ll definitely add to my calories -thank God I’m stick thin!


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