Settling In

I’m finally here -all cold and shivering. Will settle in our own space today. A recap of the happenings over the last few days:

  • Arrived in the UK on Thursday (March 15th) at 7.30am, endured the long queue at the Immigration after which my friends and I were gushed to the Health Control Inspection office. According to them, we had to be tested since we were gonna be staying here for more than 6 months. I cursed inwards as the whole thing made me feel like a lab mice (just not as cute) but the guy was only doing his job. Fortunately for me, they didn’t require me to do an X-ray examination. My friend wasn’t that lucky. She had to do the x-ray, where in fact, she’s the one who brought her X-ray all the way from home stuffed nicely in her luggage. I consider myself lucky indeed.
  • After collecting our luggage -it was around 9.20am- we rushed to the Central Bus Station to buy the ticket to our main destination. Unfortunately, the 10 o’clock bus was full and the next one will only arrive at half past noon, which means we had three hours of waiting. And I absolutely abhor waiting! I was like, in and out of the drugstore 400 times not knowing whether to get the salt & vinegar chips or Snickers, the most difficult decision in the world. In the end I got both only to realize at my 300th visit that there was a Sudoku mini book for sale, complete with pencil. Didn’t get that though as my head was already pounding due to the long wait.
  • The bus ride was ok, but if I have to endure anymore of this plane/bus rides, I will screamm!!! Enough already. My neck was stiff as it is after that 14-hour flight (direct, I might add)
  • Bumped in our transit home -belonged to three undergraduate students. They treated us real well. Even cooked decent meals for us -God bless them! We stayed with these dears for just 2 days as we’d been very lucky to find ourselves a cozy house to rent just two doors down! Coincidence or what? More description of our home later.

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