Home Is Where The Heart Is

Here’s a little description of our abode for the next six months.

It’s a two-storey, two-bedroom house, complete with basic furniture and a fireplace. Not those traditional ones where you burn logs though, it’s more of us flicking the lighter and the gas will preserve the heat according to the temperature we set -but hey, there’s fire no less! The house agent was kind enough to provide us with a new washing machine (the old one had its door broken) and a microwave, so thing’s aren’t too bad. Unfortunately, our individual heaters don’t seem to be working all that well. The past few days have been so cold I cursed the darn thing nightly. Few had advised me to get one of those portable heat blower at Argos. Maybe I will, when I get to the city. Even the water has a mind of its own. It only gets hot in the afternoons, but the times when I need it to be hot the most (mainly at night), it’s all cold. Only the shower has constant hot water supply.

Since there are three of us sharing this place, we converted the living room into a bedroom. So one of my friend occupies this space but sleeps in my room at night. Not a bad arrangement, at least for me. I felt bad for her initially but since she has the fireplace all to herself whilst the rest of us nearly freezing to death at night, I guess the arrangement wasn’t all that bad for her either.

My room overlooks the backyard.. I catch a glimpse of the fat tabby cat of our neighbour’s everyday. The area we stay in is very quiet. Hardly any vehicle passes along our street. That’s nice, I guess, since we’re all serious grad students. Hehe.

There are times when I miss my family very much. Try to keep myself preoccupied with readings (not academic, unfortunately) but it’s hard not to miss home. I text my hubby daily and he keeps me updated with our little girl’s progress. She said ‘mommy’ the other day for the first time and I missed it! She’s a bright, cheeky girl.. So cheeky that she can repeat almost anything we say except mommy. Hmph. And she would sengih when she sees how frustrated I get. Rindu nyerr kat dia!!!

Oh well, life’s about making sacrifices at times and at this point, this is mine. Home is where the heart is, and for me, it’s definitely way back in Malaysia no matter where I am in the world right now.


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