Cloudy London

Went on a day trip to London today. It was a last minute thingie. The International Office emailed us ‘International’ students (duh) just 2 days ago about the trip. Thinking that I didn’t have anything planned for the weekend, why not waste my time (and money) in London. So off we were on a chartered bus this morning at 8am. The drive went pretty quickly, mainly ‘cos I was sleeping 3/4 of the time. We were dropped off at our ‘pit stop’ called Bressenden Place, somewhere near Victoria Station.

I didn’t have any itinerary lined up on what to do as I was there about five months ago with my family on a holiday. Of course at that time, most of my expenses were ‘sponsored’ by my hubby. Then there was my mentality as a tourist. So my visit today was slightly different. For one, I had to pay for everything and two, I am a student, which means expenditures are often on a budget… But even on a budget, I managed to get myself a seemingly cool canvas sling bag, a couple of Man Utd and England jerseys and a belt. There goes my allotment till next weekend.

London, as always, looks gloomy like it’s about to rain any minute. The clouds were so thick that by 5.45pm, it was close to darkness. Our bus was scheduled to leave by then, so off we were like participants of The Amazing Race, rushing about. But instead of camping bags, we had with us our shopping bags to the pit stop so that we won’t be left behind.

Overall it was a nice day spent and somehow, it made me felt closer to my family. I guess our trip several months ago still had its mark on London. Naked to the public eye, but I truly felt it.


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