Of Clothes and Such..

I was scolded by a cab driver the other day. He said I wasn’t being a good Muslim for wearing jeans. “No point you wear scarf but still wear jeans and fitting clothes,” he said. I thanked him for his concern, clearly he is right to express his Brotherly opinion. Though I’d beg to differ, what I wore wasn’t that tight at all. Perhaps my thin-as-a-stick figure didn’t do me justice. And admittedly, the jumper and the denim jacket which I wore outside it, wasn’t long enough to cover all of my behind. He continued to say that his wife used to wear jeans but after she studied the history of the Prophet (pbuh), she felt ‘disgusted’ (I can’t remember exactly the word he used but this has the same effect) and started to don the huge cloth, covering every inch of her body.

Oh dear. It was all I can do but look outside the window ever so often and secretly hoped (or maybe it didn’t look too secretive) for the guy to reach my destination asap. Both of my friends who were uncomfortably squeezed in the back seat with me, also felt uncomfortable for me. Of course, they are the ‘good Muslims’ and observed the right attire. Maybe it helped that they are a bit makcik in nature, much older, and went to K.I.K.. But I’m digressing.

Obviously, he has his point -no denying in that. I just find it weird ‘cos no one in my family seems to notice.. and yes, they are ‘good Muslims’, and what I wore and the way I wore it is worn by a lot of people. The fashion was common. Even among those Pakistanis (his people), I see them don the same thing. At times, they wear tops which are longer but even more tight-fitting than mine. If this was his reaction towards me, I can’t begin to imagine how he would ‘sound’ those NOT donning the veil. Hehe..

So he’s saying that I’m not a good Muslim for not covering up properly. But that doesn’t mean I’m a bad Muslim lah.. Not-perfect, maybe, but certainly not ‘bad’. ‘Bad’ is like, if I killed someone or deliberately spread sexually-transmitted disease.. And even that, you don’t go around scolding these people publicly saying that they are bad. He kept saying “I hope you don’t mind” over and over again, but continued to glare at me from his rear view mirror and criticized on how a bad Muslim I am. Thing is, I do mind. Can you not look at me like trash? Can you not advise me with contempt? I’m all open for constructive criticisms but this guy is waaay over, especially when my dressing really ain’t that tight nor short!

Now if only he becomes the good Muslim that he (thinks he) is and charge us the usual rate from Asda to our home of £2.50, instead of £2.80. Maybe the additional 30p was payment for his advice?


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