(Almost) eBay Junkie

Among the ‘new’ things that grabbed my attention here is the addictive world of ebay. Yup, being almost 29, and while the rest of the world has, probably, already bought or sold some item online, I have just joined the bandwagon. A bit sad, but better late than never. It never occurred to me how enjoyable bidding can be. Of course, it’d be a lot more enjoyable (and extremely fulfilling) if you win that item you bid for. My current state is not looking too good: I’ve been out-bidded five times, all in the span of two days. Either I suck at this thing or I’m just not ready to part with my money yet. So what am I bidding for?

Well, I’m eyeing that brand new and unlocked Sony Ericsson K800i. Before anyone starts labeling yours truly to be the typical Malaysian student abroad – typical, as in getting gadgets before anything else in the first month of settling down, my case is genuine (honest!). I don’t own a camera and quite a number of my friends have done nothing but shriek when I told them I’m here -in the UK- without a camera. However, I hate the idea of actually carrying the device everywhere I go, but that’ll ultimately make me miss visual-worthy moments. So the next best alternative would be to get something that I’ll normally carry with me at all times i.e. a mobile phone, that has an in-built camera. Plain and simple. Just a bit pricey. Hence the eBay. Of course there are the worries about being cheated or the product ain’t as good as advertised. But from the looks of it (and several testimonials from real life people that I personally know), think it’s a good deal.

Now hopefully I get to own that piece of smart phone. Then I can start taking impromptu pictures and upload my Flickr. So bidding, here I go again.


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