My Superbly Cosy Home

The past few days have been quite unpleasant. My cosy home is falling apart.. I’ll summarize them for you.

» Our bathroom light went kaput, just a week after we fixed the living room and my bedroom lights. While it was relatively easy to fix the bulbs ourselves for the first two rooms, it wasn’t easy replacing the bulb in the bathroom. For one, we can’t even get it off the darn ceiling. It’s like, cemented there or something. I could dangle from the ceiling simply by hanging on to it -that’s how strong it is. Calling our agent is prolly no good as they failed to deliver the wardrobe to my friend (who’s occupying the living room) as promised. They even asked her to buy railings instead. So to help ease ourselves at night without opening the door, we used this small lampu tekan-tekan that we got from Asda for GBP 2.98. But guess what? Even that broke down two nights ago (hence, ‘used’). Baaad quality. Now we’ve resorted to using a candle. It’s cheap, reliable and extremely sad. But hey, we get to save on electricity.

» A day later, our dining light went dead. Since we’re occupying a rather small house, our only source of light in that area is the kitchen. So now we have nightly candle-lit dinners. Yep, the same candle we used in the bathroom.

» Once in a while, we experience power trips too. When that happens, one of us will need to go down the cellar, go to the fuse box and flick the switch back up. Now, how many of you have seen English haunted stories where there’s always a cellar that looks creepy, dark and chilly? That’s about how I can describe our cellar. Guess that’s why none of my house mates ever volunteer to go down there.

» As if it’s not enough being in the dark around half of the house, the heaters are dysfunctional too. I’m quite certain that ours are electric-based, rather than gas ‘cos there are individual plugs for each of our heaters. And besides, they don’t look like the ones operated by gas. Period. Kat (she’s our agent’s ‘fix-it’ woman) said we had to leave our heaters on 24/7, otherwise there won’t be any heat input from day to warm us up at night. Thing is, while we had the heaters on, as instructed, we’re not feeling any warmer. And I bet the bill’s still running. So we decided to swith the heaters off at the dining hallway towards the kitchen (where currently there’s no light) and the rooms upstairs. So now, not only are we having dinner in the dark, we’re shivering! Perfect set for any spooky films.

Lucky for me, I bought a portable heater from ‘carboot’ two weeks ago, so that ‘lil guy kept me warm. And if the cold becomes unbearable, I bring it down when we have our dinner. My friend in the living room is not doing too bad since she’s having the fireplace all to herself. I’m not sure how the other girl’s surviving her nights. Her room is across from mine and despite my repeated offers to share Mr.Portable, she refused kindly and preferred to stay in her room, all bundled in her duvet, doing her literature reviews. Wow. She can definitely stand the cold. Told yah, PhDs do things to us. Hope we don’t see things soon.


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