Neah.. not talking about the Proton car. More like, I’ve got it!!

Remember the story of me getting all excited over eBay? And how much I’ve been longing to get my hands on that brand spankin’ new K800i? I did my bidding.. and was outbidded, again. So after a while I realized why not just bid next time when I’m not in a hurry. As for now, I really need that phone-cum-camera. There are just so many scenic views, I can’t stand not being able to click and show. After much deliberation, I decided to ‘Buy Instantly’. It’s another option of purchase where buyers don’t get to bid and must pay the price set forth by the seller. The pros: buy instantly, save the disappointment and heart attack of being out-bidded. The cons: may be slightly more expensive.

Having weighed the above, after all, I am studying economics, I decided to go for the Buy. Inclusive of postal charge, my ‘baby’ costs a lot less than buying back home. Somewhere in the range of APs. In fact, the price didn’t differ much from the prices on bids. So I’m pretty happy. Then of course, there’s the anxiety of “What if the guy posts it late?”.. “What if it gets lost in the mail?”.. “What if the phone’s crap, or worse, used??” (erm, should get my priority right over there).. “What if there’s NO phone??”.. All the negatives flooded my head. It didn’t help that I was living with fellow non-savvy people who aren’t convinced with all this buying online thingy. So I hoped.. and prayed. Like for the birth of a real child. And yesterday -wallah!! K800i was royally mailed to my doorstep, exactly before 1pm, as promised on its stamp. The great relief.. Then there goes the opening (that’s tearing) of the package. Ahh.. velvet black. Call me boring, but black’s always good. I inserted my Sim card and started playing with the little gadget. Then something went wrong. “Aiyaa.. why can’t call out one??” There’s this message ’emergency call only’ and a symbol of a gagang telefon being crossed. “&%$@ punye Alex”.. was my initial curse to my virtual seller. The phone must still be locked, contrary to what he advertised. Stormed to my neighbour’s, as she also uses the same brand, and asked for help. She said it’s still locked but no worries, just go over to any phone shop and buy the unlocking code. That word annoyed me -buy? BUY?? I just bought a bloody phone, which is, supposed to be unlocked. Felt cheated.. “Tu lah, sapa suruh beli online”.. my other conscience snickered.

Wanting to drown my sorrow temporarily, I went on Skype and chatted with hubby. As always, he’s calm and collected in times of crisis. “Takpe, nanti u ask lah the fella. If the response is bad then just buy the code. Not that expensive.”.. I did email the guy 5 minutes before, just waiting for his response. In the mean time, my camera’s working perfectly.. snapped my horrid-looking self and through the webcam, hubby instructed me how to ‘bluetooth’ Black K (that’s his name. My phone. Shut up, don’t laugh) with my Mac. I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to IT, so it took a while for me to get it. 10 minutes and several biscuits later, the pic was transferred. So now Mac and Black K are married! Hur hur..

After we logged off, Black K’s still not able to call out. Huu.. Such a beautiful yet useless thing. Alex replied and said the sign should be gone in a few minutes and that the phone is unlocked. But no, still not happening. So I viewed my literature.. Bloghopped.. Glanced at it every 5 minutes.. nope. Nada.

When I came back after dinner, the sign’s gone. Oh, a miracle!! I ‘tembak-tembak’ my housemate to double check. Yes, it works! I texted hubby, tho’ he’s prolly deep asleep at home -it went through. Am happy. Very, very happy. Emailed Alex to tell him everything’s alright. Kesian pulak mamat tu. We exchanged like 6 emails that afternoon, trying to resolve what happened. He even assured me to refund my money if the phone really ain’t working. made me feel guilty for (inwardly) cursing him. To compensate, I wrote him a nice, positive feedback as a buyer. More brownie points for him in the virtual market place.

As for now, I’m snapping away.


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