Been YouTubing myself lately, much to hubby’s dismay. But there isn’t much to do here really.. Okay, so there’s those heaps of articles and 2-inch thick textbooks to ‘get involved with’, but I’d go crazy if I delve into those now. Thought of giving myself a break after the meeting I had with my Supers on Monday.

I finished the entire Full House series. It’s this really funny and sweet Korean drama starring singer/actor Rain (that fella who just did his concert back home) and the very beautiful Song Hye Gyo. They have the most amazing chemistry ever. Don’t blame their fans for actually wishing they have romance off-screen. I watched the series two years ago when it was aired on 8TV but there were episodes that I missed. So what the heck, let’s watch it all over again! That’s around 16 hours with constant stops of course ‘cos each clip is only about 10 minutes long. But the entire series is there (love that person who uploaded them).

Still smiling after their funny yet heart-warming love story, I decided to check out what’s up with their latest whereabouts. Rain’s at the end of his world tour. For someone who doesn’t sing or speak that much English, he sure is going places and raking in money! He was even voted among Time’s 100 most influential person in 2006. If you’ve nothing better to do (like yours truly), can checkout his rendition of “Just Once”. Yea, you gotta be confident to actually sing a James Ingram song! Minus the pelat, he’s ok lah. Song Hye Gyo, on the other hand, is waiting for her latest film Hwang JinYi to be released this June 2007. It’s a period drama about the most famous 16th century ‘kisaeng’ (something like the Japanese geisha). Truly different from her past roles, this one’s gonna be challenging to win over her fans. Hm, wonder if I can catch that here.

Full House aside, I thought of updating my iTunes library. So off I went downloading songs that fancied my interest back in school.. in college.. during my university years. That led me to organizing them into new playlists so now I’ve got different playlists for different phases of my life! There’s “School Favourites”.. “College Years”.. “American Idols”.. “Siti Songs”.. Aah, not to mention some K&J Pop (mainly Rain’s songs). Hubby would be soo ‘proud’!! Hur hur.

There’s a downside to this though. As I sat and replayed my “College Years”.. listening to Backstreet Boys and NSync (shut up, don’t laugh. They were BIG back then), my thoughts went “Oh my gawwd”.. I actually listened to ’em stuffs??!! “You’re all I ever waaaanteddd..” “Get down, get down & mover it all around..” Ayoo. Cringe big time. Suara kepek Nick is haunting me. Not to mention J.Timberlake’s then tak pecah punye suara.. Then again, his voice is still like that now. BUT you have to agree he has distanced himself from those boy band days. I kinda dig his music nowadays, lagi hip and R&B gitu. Then there’s also the good side of my song searching endeavours. I managed to korek Tina Arena’s (remember her?) Chains. Jewel’s “You Were Meant For Me”.. Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn”.. Sister Hazel’s “Change Your Mind”. Even got myself a copy of Canadian Idols’ version of True Colours. It’s pretty good.

Looking at my ability to dig deep into songs and anything musical or movie-related, maybe I should be doing a doctorate on this stuff. I’ve already a thousand over songs in my collection, that would be great as a literature review. Heh. Oh well, that’s not gonna happen, is it?

Alrighty then. Enough fun for now. Come here ‘World Bank’ book you..


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