The World Bank book was very informative. It will definitely provide some guide to my field work later, though not entirely similar. I may need to get a copy of it for myself, and if I do, it’d be the second from Amazon this month. Yep. Next to eBay, I’ve been ‘Amazoned’ too! But y’know, the prices are real deals. After converting to the ringgit, it’s still cheap.. And I don’t even need to go out, get lost finding my way to the shops or face the cold. The only downside is that it may arrive a bit late. My last book came after nine days. But I guess that was unavoidable given that I bought it around the Bank Holidays.I woke up late this morning.. Syuruk is just so, so early at this part of the planet. You will not catch me waking up at 4.30 in the morning back home! So it’s off to snoozeville again for me lah.. Much to our beloved Islamic way of life (Al-Furqaan, 25:47). See, told yah I’m putting academic writing to practise. Oh, back to my morning. As I stretched my umpteenth time in bed, feeling not as fresh as I would’ve after sleeping for more than 8 hours, my house mate knocked my door. “You have a package!” She says. It just felt great, waking up to a gift-wrapped package. Only I had to pay for it. Hmph. Bought this long cardigan (picture below, obviously) a day and a half ago.. the seller’s really quick to react to my note to her/him. It’s from Next, not something I could’ve afford back home. Brand new without tag though.. Smelled like the kedai some more. I desperately needed some other cardigan to wear. It isn’t as cold as I first arrived here -spring has finally reared its head. And besides, the coat that I brought from home is soo overworn. We serious postgrad students need to look presentable too. Hehe. Looks like something I can wear back home too.

In a related news, I’m going to carboot tomorrow. It’s been a while since my last visit to one. They weren’t kidding when they say carboots are great to hunt for stuffs. Depending on what you wanna hunt lah. We’re going by bus, so need to limit our purchases. Gotta get hold of myself. Jeez, I’m not nearly this shopoholic back home. It must be the British air.. Yeah.


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