A superstition is the irrational belief that future events are influenced by specific behaviors, without having a causal relationship

How many of us are superstitious?

Avoid walking underneath a ladder.. Don’t sing in the kitchen, lest you marry an old man.. Hold your breath as you go past a cemetery.. Knock on wood to avoid misfortune.. Avoid breaking a mirror or glass to prevent misfortune..

Obviously, as a woman in this new-age, it would appear uncool to be superstitious. That attitude simply puts you with any Makcik in the same league. I don’t think I’m superstitious, yet at the same time, I won’t say that I’m not either. When my bestfriend wanted to get married three years ago, naturally she asked me to be her bridesmaid. But I declined for the silliest reason -I had already been a bridesmaid twice and if I succumbed into being one again, it would be my third and that, according to the unauthored Book of Malay Superstitions, may cause me to marry extremely late or worse, not marry at all. Horror, tak?

Looking back at my comical behaviour, I’m surprised that we’re still bestfriends. But what surprised me more was that she actually went along with it! Not only was she quite, er, how should I put it, supportive of the idea, she immediately looked for another person to replace me.. Guess she’s superstitious as well. Then again, it may be due to the fact that I was single and perhaps, slightly desperate to make a new relationship work (thankfully my crazy behaviour paid off. I did marry the guy). At the time, I wasn’t prepared to jinx my good fortune for accidentally knowing him, and as the bestfriend anyone could ever wish for, she didn’t want to jinx it either. We were so funny back then.

So what’s the worst superstition have you followed?
**For the record, the girl who replaced me as the bridesmaid, was actually doing the honour for her fourth time and she ended up getting married just months after me. That proves to show all this is rubbish. But maybe it helped that she’s gorgeous, wealthy and super nice…


One Comment on “Supernatural”

  1. wniza says:

    Ha ha ha… kelakar nya baca balik this post. I remember reading the other posts but not this one.. masa ni i just became a new mom myself so tak byk free time kot! Ahaks.

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