Just so you know, this story is quite old. Just only gotten around to write about it.


The craziest thing happened last week. After getting my glasses readjusted on Monday, I was in this constant state of vertigo in the couple of days that followed. My head and eyes hurt so bad, I was seeing things. Not those things, more like, I saw the windows swirling.. Felt the ground uneven. I had to hold on to things to keep myself balanced. I knew it was all in my head but things became so bad that it appeared to be real. I could feel the room moving. The nausea was bad till I threw up a couple of times. At night, as I lay to sleep, I needed to talk myself “The room is not moving. The windows are not swirling!”.. Even as I told myself that, I shut my eyes, afraid to look but I could see in the darkness. Or felt the movements. Pretty spooky.

Ok, enough of Twilight Zone.

From experience, I know this happens because of either two things. A second Junior is on the way, which was not possible since hubby’s on the other side of the continent. So that leaves one other thing -My power (eyes, power) must’ve changed. Being in the UK is so different from home. Back there we could easily go to any England Optical (the irony of England back home) or Optik Timur and get our eyes checked for free. Here, you have to pay to get your eyes tested. It’s only free when you’re on one of those benefits group, which I’m not. And the NHS card takes forever to reach us. And this is an emergency, so can’t aford to wait that long. Unless I wanna be the fourth member of the Blind Mice..

Went to see the optician on Thursday (What? You were throwing up like crazy and only visited the ‘doctor’ days after?? This was the cheapest place to get an eye test. So by default, it’s fully booked and that was the earliest appointment I could get myself into). My optometrist was this very nice lady, who happened to be very pregnant too. Being in the dark room kinda reminds me of the tests I took back home. Everything’s more or less the same.. the only difference is that at the end of the test, she gave me this small print book to read, at about an arm’s length distance.

So what’s up with my eyes??

My powers have decreased. Quite significantly, I might add. That’s right, even she was surprised. It never happened to me before, so I was secretly thrilled. No wonder my glasses were killing me, it was too strong. Kinda like, shoving someone else’s eye sight on top of your own. She asked me if I was on any prescriptions that might’ve caused the improvement in sight. Nothing, I said. It didn’t seem appropriate at the time to mention my non-stop hours of You Tube.. Perhaps it’s in the British water. Or those late nights working on my research design.. I’d definitely recommend anyone wanting to reduce their eye powers to do a PhD. Hehe.

After the eye test, it was time for glasses prescription. The optician was this nice man who could sense my budget, so he explained the difference between the thickness of the glasses and their respective costs. Again, nothing new. Only this time they’re in GB pounds. In the end, I opted for a not-so-thick lenses (but nowhere as thin as my old lenses) to be fitted to my old frame. He was so taken by my plastic frame, saying that Malaysia is faster in keeping up with trend ‘cos the Brits have only recently been swept by the ol’ skool look. While my main intention of getting plastic frames was actually cost-induced, if someone says I look cool in it, why not eh?

So now I’m with no glasses for about a week. Work requires me to kiss the computer screen.. Cooking is doable, just that I don’t fancy slicing onions close to my nose. If it’s not for my Supers meeting today, I would’ve hibernated at home. Still, work is work. I better leave the house an hour earlier.. Takes a while for a blur person to reach her destination.


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