All the Small Things

You know what they say. You don’t really appreciate the simple things in life, not until they’re not in front of you. Here’s a little rundown of what makes me nostalgic, in no particular order.

Free eye test (can’t believe I’d ever miss that one!!)

Udang.. sotong.. all those seafood

Nasi lemak. By the roadside.. My mother-in-law’s.. Heck, even my hubby’s.


Gas stove

TV!!!! You don’t think my YouTubing is weird?? Just that we didn’t think it’s worth paying the TV license for only 6 months..

Lesung.. The ones here look like Barbie’s play set, or looked like it was made of porcelain

Daun kesum. Do they even exist here??

A tie of (that’s seikat) serai that costs 30 sen or cheaper

The hairdresser.. Nyesal I didn’t cut my hair before coming here

Beras Jasmine.. Am getting tired of yet another Basmathi rice

Fresh-looking chicken. Think all the halal shops here got their stocks from the same kapal

Cili boh.. cili kering, whatever as long as not in powder form


Little girls called Tasha. Huu..


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