Prior to starting my *cough* PhD, being the geek that I am, I started this rampant search for, er, actually I wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but I knew I had to be prepared. Yea.. That’s how sad (or could it be brilliant??) I was.

Anyway, within the first five seconds of ‘PhD-soul searching’ (all thanks to the Googling power), I came across this wonderful, enlightening and less frightening site called PhD Comics. I know some of you may have heard or stumbled upon it by chance. Till today, I’m a big fan of this site where, among other things, it makes me laugh. Not the crazy I’m-outta-my-mind laugh, but, really laugh :).. See, I’m smiling just typing about it.

Here, lemme share with you my Top 5 favourites.

Number 5: Scooped

Number 4: Lives

Number 3: Etiquette

Number 2: Fire

and Number 1: Lost


I’m hoping not to be the only one who finds ’em funny. Otherwise, I know I’m in too deep. Speaking of deep, if you noticed, this site is where I got the inspiration for my blog url, Piled Higher and Deeper. Bet you smarty pants know what that means. Or should I let you wonder?



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