SoHo No More

Starting Monday, I have decided to go to school. Like most research students who find it more blissful and private to do their things in the comfort of their rooms, I spend a major chunk of my time cooped up in my room. Unfortunately, the appeals of You Tube, eBay and THE bed make my abode a bit too comfortable at times that I think, no, KNOW, I need to relocate myself to a more, uh, ‘serious’ surrounding. So why haven’t I been to school anyway? Apart from meeting my Supers every fortnight, I don’t really go there. Hmm, letsee if I can conjure up a list. Yes, there is a list:

1. Twisted

My room, or postgrad office as they call it, is a wide open rectangular space with no cubicles seperating us from one another. There are eight of us occupying this space, each kissing the wall as our little corners are at the edges of the room. So what’s the big deal? The deal is, my corner ain’t that comfortable. I’m not near the window.. Not near the exit.. Not strategic. My study area is at the corner and made up of two unequal widths of desks that I need to twist my swiveling chair to this one right angle just to get close to my computer. Otherwise, I’d be typing with arms outstretched. And once I’m in that twisted position, It would be uncomfortable, wouldn’t it, as my chair is facing north-west while my body’s going north.

2. Popular

While Robert, that’s my colleague who occupies the space next to me, is friendly and nice, he is just too popular among his peers. For one thing, he’s a Teaching Assistant to one of the Professors, hence, our office is his office for consultations. Certain times you’ll have him tutoring International Trade Theory while other times he’d be ranting on and on about the effects of interest rates on the money supply. So when he’s busy tutoring and asking these kids key concepts, I’ll be busy trying to screen my ears from hearing their discussions or trying to resist myself from wanting to raise my hand and answering his questions. Even among the postgrads, he’s the man. We’ll have his Jamaican hommies going “Hey man” (pronounced with ‘a’ in ayam) every hour when they poke their heads in our office. Oh yeah, Robert sits near the door so it’s just as well, isn’t it?

3. Retro

Half of us in this room are blessed with state-of-the-art, flat screen computers while the other half is still stuck in the 80’s. No prize to guessing which half I belong to, eh? I have such a slow OS that I could finish manicuring while waiting for it to load, plus, the chunkiest, LOUDEST and yellowest keyboard in the entire planet. It makes me cringe and almost apologetic (?) every time I press the buttons. But since the whole purpose of the computer is to type then I can’t run away forever, can I?

4. Kruk kruk..

That’s the sound of my tummy. I don’t know why, but you always get so hungry here in the UK. Is it just me? Even after a plate of rice, I’d be bingeing on cookies or crisps..There’s a recharge center just a few meters away outside my room but being on a student budget, I can’t always indulge in leek soups and crisps. That undoubtedly means I need to bring bekal from home.. Oh, malas nyerr….

I guess that’s it. It basically draws down to not being cosy. Anyways, I’m not gonna pamper myself anymore. “You get up and get busy!” is what I keep telling myself these past few days. After days of twisting my body, think I’m getting the hang of it. Maybe I’d just decorate my space, yea.. That’ll be a great ‘perk me up’. You reckon??


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