Stop Criticizing Start Thinking

For once, let’s talk about something other than my eBay compulsion or uncomfortable workstations. So this is stale news, but I just want to air it out. I’m talking about Raimah Bibi Noordin.

Yes, their story has been on the news for weeks and so many views have been put forth regarding the actions taken by the authorities. Now, I’m not a totally righteous person but to listen to others saying that separating the two as ‘crap’ or a ‘sick’ move, now that totally blows my top. Undoubtedly, those were the words uttered by ignorant souls. Those who do not believe in Islam or its rules. But we also have people shunning this move … And they are Muslims.

Do I think it’s a good move? Of course, not. I have a family and to separate myself from them would be unthinkable (except for educational purposes like yours truly, of course. Hehe..). Do I think it’s the right move? Thing is, I don’t know. But to totally say it’s the wrong move, would not be right either.

There’s this post which touched about the topic, albeit a little bit, and I posted a comment there hoping to find answers, or hints of them. But no, the other comments after me were either wisecracks (not that funny, but laugh lah anyway) or I dunno.. ignoring the picture?? I would’ve said pointless but that would be too mean. Only one person mentioned the issue, and that person only posted the comment today, (or was it yesterday in Malaysia?). Then again, I can’t really blame them. Since it wasn’t my post, other commentaries weren’t obliged to answer me anyway.

But this is my post, though I doubt anybody ever come in here except a handful of people, it is still, nonetheless, my outlet of aggravation.

To those who keep on saying it’s not right to seperate them, so now I’m asking (to, uh, no one in particular really), what should be the right move then? Force the husband to convert to Islam? Let Raimah stay a Muslim by name but continue living with a non-muhrim and practising the Hindu rites? If your answer would be to scratch your chin or hair, or berkerut panjang, then by all means, what the authorities did was well, the only way wasn’t it? Or at least, at the moment. Until somebody pious with noble intentions put forward a solution other than what’s been done, stop criticizing the move as inhuman. Stop saying that there’s no Islam in the way things are handled. In short, stop pointing the finger but put on that thinking cap.


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