Of Carrots and Cabbies

I baked today.
Carrot cake, complete with cream cheese icing. My first attempt at baking -ever. Oh hubby would be so proud. Back home I’ve always wanted to bake, just that we don’t own an oven (hint, hint). Maybe I’ll get one when I get back (but I won’t if somebody got it for me first). Apart from cooking, which I find to be quite therapeutic, baking I think brings that word to a whole new level. If what you bake ‘jadi’, the feeling I tell ya.. banyak syok tau! I got an 8.5 out of 10 from my house mates. Hehe. Yeah, am pretty pleased. Cakes, anyone?


On an unrelated news, my house mate who came back from her afternoon stroll met my ‘favourite’ cab driver. I mentioned about him before here. Guess what? I thought I was the only one not being a good Muslim in his eyes, but I couldn’t help laugh when she also kena ‘sound’ with him. Compared to me, she is sooo ‘the very’ observing especially in terms of dressing. Her tops are all long and loosy-loose, jeans twice her actual size. He uttered the same, “You’re not a good Muslim for wearing jeans.” Even prolonged his advise to “Look at the Muslim world, because a lot of you don’t follow the religion, that’s why we have all this crisis..”. Adoi.. But my friend retorted back, “What I understand is, it’s ok as long as it’s not tight.” Terdiam that mamat. He kept quiet till they almost reached our place, when suddenly he asked her, “Do you believe so?”. He siap asked her if she prayed five times a day. Uh, hello? When she said, “Of course”, he had the cheek to ask, “Are you sure?”..

Ok, is it just me, or brownish people from the Middle East or South Asia in general are rude at times? I’m sorry if there are any Arabians or Pakistanis who come across this page but I’ve met more than my fair share of them who are not only rude but weird. To them, only they are correct. They won’t listen to others and quite simply, intolerant. Even among my former students originating from those regions, I need to always go Yoda and tolerate their extremely stubborn and obnoxious behaviours. Of course, there are those among them who are kind and considerate, but that’s gem-like rare.

I guess the cab driver above has this weird perception that covering the aurah equals to wearing jubah (or jilbab/abaya in their term), only. That’s just wrong. Islam is a beautiful religion. It is tolerant, unlike you. So long as you cover the parts that ought to be covered, you can wear jeans, corduroys, skirts, gypsy tops, boots, sneakers.. whatever. Covering the aurah doesn’t mean we have to look boring or the same like those in the desert. There’s a reason why women (and men) wear jubah over there. The desert is hot with loads of sand storms so wearing the long cloak is actually cooling during the day, warming at night and very protecting from all those dusts. Please get your facts straight before scolding strangers.

Definitely no cake for you!


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