Il Divo

Went to see Il Divo last night. Much to the chagrin of my colleagues back home.
“You ni gi sana nak buat PhD ke tengok concert??”
Hur hur..
I actually considered going sexy back and watching J.T but that’d just make hubby hurl inside out (not to mention it is amat tak sesuai for someone my age and with my *cough* keinsafan), so not wanting to risk him feeling sick (or me tersesat balik gitu), I’ve decided on a more, uh, cultured event.

I’m not a fan of Il Divo. Not really into big, opera-like voices though I dig classical music when reading those incomprehensible journal articles. My kinda music is more ‘poppy’ in nature and a bit of chick rock (Kelly Clarkson go-go!).. So when my housemate offered me a ticket (sold to be exact, it wasn’t a free lunch!), I wasn’t exactly jumping with joy. But after looking at the ticket seats, I thought “What the heck..” No way can I afford their tickets back home, nor would I have company (hubby’s not into concerts). And besides, apart from gaining knowledge, I’m not here for the stress only. A ‘lil bit of fun was on my itinerary when I stepped out of that plane. Hubby was quite surprised when I asked him (yea.. a wife must ask permission right?). He was more surprised that I would have the time to go for a concert rather than watching Il Divo per se.. Hehe.

Took quite a lot of pictures and videos too. And that’a not being a fan. If I was, I’d be one of those groupies who scream and linger after the concert for individual photo sessions. *Sigh* Those were the days when I was much younger and hantu..

The boring bit: We were asked to open our bags prior to entering the concert hall so the ticket master can glance what’s inside. Prolly because we were the only ones carrying big bags unlike others who were dressed in proper concert garbs (i.e. no bags and no umbrella). She was very nice and seemed a bit apologetic actually. I know she was only doing her job and I took no offense at all. But I don’t blame them for being paranoid. We were after all, the only Muslims there, complete with scarves and sitting exactly in the middle. When I glanced around the stadium, it did occur to me that if I were to carry a bomb, the whole place would indeed go kaput in 5 seconds flat. Given that there were no children, and all those attending were white adults, it would be the ‘perfect’ setting for a genocide. But I’m not into killing, just into several hours of music, so they have nothing to worry about. Heh.

Music wise, they were after all, Il Divo. So no compaints there. Just didn’t understand what they were singing about at times, especially those songs in foreign languages. But I must say I was taken by their opening act, this pianist called William Joseph. I dunno who he is, prolly a somebody in the U.S but he played extremely well. Guess it’s due to my knack for symphonies and piano concertos.. His songs, or piano playing to be exact, would just be great as an alternative sound bite when I do that literature review. Am I an old soul or what?

The men belting out their songs. Since I’m using Black K, the quality of my photos doesn’t leave that much to be desired. But, can do lah..


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