The Know-It-All

I attended my first ‘First year PhD presentation’ today. Despite from feeling and looking lost with all the models and methodologies presented, it was a nice experience. I chose ‘nice’ as opposed to some other adjective as it’s the only sensible thing to say that I could think of. I can’t quite say it was boring as hell or that none of what they said made any sense to me, as I am, after all supposed to be an academician, and it was not that useless either as I’ve managed to have an idea on what is expected of me when my time comes later.. So, it was ‘nice’.

There was this one guy who kept asking every presenter questions. Regardless of topic or research area, from the sample size to model specification. While his enthusiasm was very much appreciated, it was dragging and seemed endless. He was also very animated, with arms flapping about whenever he wants to stress a point, or question. I figured he must’ve been one helluva Professor. Must be active in his research too. Had his balding head to prove it. After break we resumed almost immediately. The young Professor was running late, when another, much older Professor quickly nudged the next presenter “Why don’t you start now?” When the guy glanced at the young Professor’s seat, the older Professor shushed him, indicating that ‘you best get it over with before he comes back’. Half the auditorium laughed nervously, with me scratching my head confusingly.

Apparently, the young Professor wasn’t a Professor at all. He was, in fact, a second year student. Heh. Words have it that he’d even ask Professors who present papers for a ‘quick chat about your findings’. Now that fella will go far. If he doesn’t drive others mad first.


On an unrelated note, can somebody please help me with my literature review?? I know how, but donno.. You know? How aah like that?


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