The Dentist

You know what’s scarier than a visit to meet the Supervisors? A visit to the dentist!! I’m seeing one in approximately.. uh, 20 minutes, and I tell ya, I’m scared as hell!

Hope it won’t be that bad. Just sit there and think happy thoughts! la la laa…


Roughly 3 hours later..

Ohh, lihatlah dunia.. Gigi dan gusi ku yang indah.. Ooh, hello there! Or should I say H.E.L.L.L.O.O.. T.H.E..R.E!!! *Emphasis was made on purpose to accentuate blogger’s new gums and teeth*

I’m not nuts (though my research is slowly causing me to climb up the wall) but going to the dentist is always, always dreaded by yours truly. Yessir. I could endure 15 hours of labour, with no epidural I might add, and yet, a due visit to the dentist would put me in a fetal position right at the corner of a room. Maybe it’s due to a bad childhood memory of a tooth extraction.. or that creepy odour the dentist office always has.. or it could be that one time I saw that wretched movie ‘The Dentist’. Dammit. Should never have watched it.

But hey, all’s done for the day. And I must say, my scaling just now wasn’t that bad at all! My dentist was the handsomest oral care professional I have ever seen (ok, so he’s the most handsome just because Hubby is not a dentist. Heh). Made me segan to show him my damages. After examining my teeth, checking what I have or don’t have, he swirled on his chair, snatched the tools and dengan ‘rocker’ nya said, “All right. Let’s do it!”. He said it with so much enthusiasm I would’ve laughed if only I wasn’t too spooked. Unfortunately (or should I say, fortunately?), the second he placed the scaler on my first tooth, he was called for some complicated root canal that he had to push me to be ‘done’ by his hygienist. (NHS babe. This ain’t an expensive private practise, so pushing around unimportant teeth matter ain’t a big deal, I guess). The lady was really good. I didn’t feel that ngilu or painful at all. Just a few seconds of chair gripping was all I did. She even put on some music, that’s a first for me. When all was done, the actor-resembling dentist wants me to come over in two weeks to checkup on me my teeth. Hmph. These Mat Sallehs really do love their pearly whites, don’t they?

Oh-kay then. I’m happy with my pearly whites as of now. Will take extra care to brush in circles, floss AND gurgle with Listerine. Now if only this determination lasts for a loong time.


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