What To Do?

Court ruling aside, can anyone enlighten me on what actually ought to be done with regards to Ms Joy? It’s been nine years since she committed apostasy (some may argue with my choice of using the word ‘commit’ but I’m sticking to it) and throughout that time, hasn’t anyone tried to win her back in embracing Islam? Or none have tried? Or tried, but sucked at it? Assuming the last one, is it ok for us fellow Muslims to just let her be?

I’m asking this because I don’t know the answer and none of the articles that I read (including the past post on apostasy) actually prescribe or suggest anything on what to do in the event that the apostate does not want to return to Islam. They just said don’t kill them (in which I agree to some extent, still have a bit of doubt on that. Hey, don’t gimme that look!). While I agree with the Mufti’s perspective (we should focus more on prevention rather than penalty), even he is silent on what to do now.



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