Too Yellow

This is old but ‘Yeay’ anyway. The kenduri went on pretty well. All the guests came, minus those who informed us that they weren’t able to come. Some funny stories occurred during preparation time.. but no matter. Most importantly, I managed to not suck and prepare one of the main dishes. Considering it was my first ever attempt at (a) cooking without the usual ingredients, and (b) cooking for 40 people, the outcome wasn’t tha bad. I do admit though that it wasn’t as pedas as it was supposed to me. Hehe.. Kira ‘fail’ lah to those pure ‘nogori’ people..

So this may not be the best ‘masak lemak’ picture you’ve ever seen, but it sure is the best (and only) picture of one that was cooked by yours truly. Do excuse the blurr.

… chicken in the periuk

chicken up close…


Saladin Persona

While researching my sample this morning, I came across, what seems to me, one of Malaysia’s finest work of art. It is our very first high-tech television animation series -first attempt at 3D animation, really. It’s called ‘Saladin’, after the 12th century legendary Islamic warrior who drove the Crusaders out from Jerusalem. The project is indeed highly anticipated and I must say it is unlike most of the ‘hangat-hangat tahi ayam‘ projects some governmental collaborations are known for.

You can checkout its formal website here, or if you’re too lazy to click-click, you can checkout its trailer with this one click here.

I’m happy that they decide to embark on something Islamic as a pilot project. Never mind that the team working on it are almost a hundred percent Malaysian Chinese. I think that’s great and shows how united we are. Hopefully the series will give viewers the other side of the story. The target age of audience is 10-12 year olds, though honestly, I’d catch it myself. Hope others of all ages would too.

I dunno about the rest of you Malaysians, but when I first saw the trailer, I was so proud of it I nearly shed a tear. Now, let’s just hope (and pray) that the series takes off successfully -all 13 episodes, so we can expect greater things.


Later in the afternoon, I found the second ‘Made in Malaysia’ product that made me all smiles, and yes, proud again. It’s the latest baby in the not-so-doing-well Proton family. It is supposed to be the successor of Wira (after the failed Gen2). I think it’s a beaut. Remember my last post about getting a new car? Think I’ve found what I’m looking for. Sure, it may have some power window hiccups, doesn’t boast original designs and problems only imaginable by people who drive like hantu, but hey, not all cars are perfect. For its price, you get an ABS, dual airbags, spacious back seat etc. But hey, listen to the experts and Proton bashers here.

The Day I Almost Killed My Friend

Well, not exactly..

She just got a cut on the head and bled a wee bit and she isn’t really a friend. She’s just somebody I’m lodging with this few months. Although our acquaintance started off on the right foot, few months and several personal hygiene incidence later, we might very well end up on the wrong foot. As for cutting her head, it wasn’t on purpose -obviously! What kinda monster do you think I am?? I was busy cleaning and rearranging our stoneware and left the cupboard door opened behind me. She, being scatterbrained as usual, obviously didn’t notice the damn thing spreading in front of her and rammed head first at the corner of the door (bucu pintu). Ouch. So now she’s having head pain, siap balut kepala like some Sikh with a turban. I know, I should feel sorry for her and apologise but: (a) it really wasn’t my fault, and (b) I can’t possibly tahan her ditziness any longer. Maybe it’s a sign from God to watch where you’re going next time or He’s just providing me with this payback after all those built-up frustrations I have mounted against her..

*Sigh*.. More on that later. Right now, I gotta get some sleep. We’re inviting some guests over tomorrow for a farewell lunch and I need to put whatever’s left of my culinary skills to the test on some masak lemak cili api. I hope to God it’ll turn out all right, what with NO kunyit hidup, NO daun kunyit, NO asam keping.. And why the hell did I agree to this again??

How I miss my local supermarket back home. Heh, you always wish what you can’t have. Trust me, the minute I’m at Giant I’ll start reminiscing Asda or something remotely Briton.


Putting Our Minds To It

Time sure flies.

As I’m nearing the end of my six months period here, I realised that a lot can be accomplished if we really put our minds to it. But of course, EVERYBODY knows that.. But why is it that not many people actually do it?

Invent a new toy..
Conduct a ground-breaking research..
Write an award-winning play..
Compose a symphony that puts Mozart to shame..
Complete that job on time..
Find a cure for cancer (ok, scrap this one. I’m sure many doctors and scientists are frantically working on this)

When I first got here, I received quite a lot of flak from ‘the others’ -those conventional PhD students, or researchers as they proudly call themselves (for the record, I don’t mind being labelled a ‘student’ because that’s what I am and I will always be one in this field). Without batting an eyelash, they immediately laughed off my intention to produce a complete research design before going home.

“Enam bulan, apa sempat?”
“Eh saya kat sini nak dekat setahun, apa pun takde lagi..”
“Biasanya dalam first year ni memang terumbang-ambing lah.. mencari-cari idea..”
“Apa sempat buat enam bulan??”

Talk about motivation.

I guess the only thing that stopped me from shedding to tears is the thought of leaving my family only to return home with a cargo full of carboot stuffs. Adamant not to be useless, I wanted to make this work. Not so much to show ‘the others’ that they are wrong, heck I don’t even care if they know me or not after this.. I’m doing this for myself. For my family. For us.

I want to know what my full potential is. I often hear that a PhD is not so much a test of intellectuality but it is more of a test of endurance. If going through labour isn’t enduring enough, this is one test I’m bracing myself for. With His blessing and my family’s support, I hope I can do it. Insya-Allah.

It’s Been A While

It’s been ages since my last post. But it’s all due to a good cause. I’m actually progressing pretty well.. Or at least that’s what I think. Hopefully my Supers would feel the same way. Will be meeting them on Thursday so am looking forward to their comments and constructive criticisms over my proposed methods.

Oh yeah, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who have kindly taken part in the first phase of my pilot study. Your insights are very much appreciated! Phase 2 will be conducted when I get back. Now that calls for more proactive approach.