The Day I Almost Killed My Friend

Well, not exactly..

She just got a cut on the head and bled a wee bit and she isn’t really a friend. She’s just somebody I’m lodging with this few months. Although our acquaintance started off on the right foot, few months and several personal hygiene incidence later, we might very well end up on the wrong foot. As for cutting her head, it wasn’t on purpose -obviously! What kinda monster do you think I am?? I was busy cleaning and rearranging our stoneware and left the cupboard door opened behind me. She, being scatterbrained as usual, obviously didn’t notice the damn thing spreading in front of her and rammed head first at the corner of the door (bucu pintu). Ouch. So now she’s having head pain, siap balut kepala like some Sikh with a turban. I know, I should feel sorry for her and apologise but: (a) it really wasn’t my fault, and (b) I can’t possibly tahan her ditziness any longer. Maybe it’s a sign from God to watch where you’re going next time or He’s just providing me with this payback after all those built-up frustrations I have mounted against her..

*Sigh*.. More on that later. Right now, I gotta get some sleep. We’re inviting some guests over tomorrow for a farewell lunch and I need to put whatever’s left of my culinary skills to the test on some masak lemak cili api. I hope to God it’ll turn out all right, what with NO kunyit hidup, NO daun kunyit, NO asam keping.. And why the hell did I agree to this again??

How I miss my local supermarket back home. Heh, you always wish what you can’t have. Trust me, the minute I’m at Giant I’ll start reminiscing Asda or something remotely Briton.



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