Saladin Persona

While researching my sample this morning, I came across, what seems to me, one of Malaysia’s finest work of art. It is our very first high-tech television animation series -first attempt at 3D animation, really. It’s called ‘Saladin’, after the 12th century legendary Islamic warrior who drove the Crusaders out from Jerusalem. The project is indeed highly anticipated and I must say it is unlike most of the ‘hangat-hangat tahi ayam‘ projects some governmental collaborations are known for.

You can checkout its formal website here, or if you’re too lazy to click-click, you can checkout its trailer with this one click here.

I’m happy that they decide to embark on something Islamic as a pilot project. Never mind that the team working on it are almost a hundred percent Malaysian Chinese. I think that’s great and shows how united we are. Hopefully the series will give viewers the other side of the story. The target age of audience is 10-12 year olds, though honestly, I’d catch it myself. Hope others of all ages would too.

I dunno about the rest of you Malaysians, but when I first saw the trailer, I was so proud of it I nearly shed a tear. Now, let’s just hope (and pray) that the series takes off successfully -all 13 episodes, so we can expect greater things.


Later in the afternoon, I found the second ‘Made in Malaysia’ product that made me all smiles, and yes, proud again. It’s the latest baby in the not-so-doing-well Proton family. It is supposed to be the successor of Wira (after the failed Gen2). I think it’s a beaut. Remember my last post about getting a new car? Think I’ve found what I’m looking for. Sure, it may have some power window hiccups, doesn’t boast original designs and problems only imaginable by people who drive like hantu, but hey, not all cars are perfect. For its price, you get an ABS, dual airbags, spacious back seat etc. But hey, listen to the experts and Proton bashers here.


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