Too Yellow

This is old but ‘Yeay’ anyway. The kenduri went on pretty well. All the guests came, minus those who informed us that they weren’t able to come. Some funny stories occurred during preparation time.. but no matter. Most importantly, I managed to not suck and prepare one of the main dishes. Considering it was my first ever attempt at (a) cooking without the usual ingredients, and (b) cooking for 40 people, the outcome wasn’t tha bad. I do admit though that it wasn’t as pedas as it was supposed to me. Hehe.. Kira ‘fail’ lah to those pure ‘nogori’ people..

So this may not be the best ‘masak lemak’ picture you’ve ever seen, but it sure is the best (and only) picture of one that was cooked by yours truly. Do excuse the blurr.

… chicken in the periuk

chicken up close…


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