Birthday Conferencing

Tasha had her birthday party today.. I’m so happy that I got to watch them sing and cut the birthday cake. Unfortunately hubby didn’t bring the mic so it was more of a ‘silent movie’ for me. Nonetheless, it was fun watching them berdoa.. ate.. lepak2 in circles.. miss those family gatherings. Some makciks who weren’t familiar with Skype were very shocked (to say the least) of my virtual presence. Heheh..
Around 15-20 kids turned up, which is good. The more kids the merrier to enjoy the magic show and have fun with the clown. Tasha even had a live-sized Power Puff girl as a mascot. Over betul, hehe.. When I was a kid, I’d be happy if my dad even remembered my birthday. Hubby experienced the same too when he was a kid. Guess we resort to having a real party as payback gak, hehe.. Ni mummy & papa yang lebih seronok!
Aight, must be off. Today’s my last trip to carboot. Later.


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