Time sure flies (jeez, I keep saying that a lot nowadays). Seems like it was only yesterday that my family and I were here in the UK ‘fasting’. Last October, we went on a short ten-day holiday covering Lancaster, Lake District, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and finally back to Birmingham where we took our flight home. Despite fasting and having to rush a bit here and there, it was still an enjoyable trip! This year is similar, only now I’m not on holiday and I’m fasting alone.

I’m gonna drop by the University today to return some library books and to sort out my office keys and other oustanding forms. It’s finally happening! I’m truly outta here. Will definitely miss this place, particularly my frequent visits to my Supervisors. Met them for my final meeting last Monday and it was pretty heartwarming to listen to their parting ‘wills’. Of course, we’ll still be in touch. I am, after all, a student of this university and their supervisee. I’m just doing my data collection back home.

Hunger and thirst have not struck me yet, then again it’s only 10. Heheh.. Hope it’ll be that way till opening time. So Happy Ramadhan people. Be good 🙂


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