I went to my tailor yesterday. Decided that I had nothing (this word is subjective in a woman’s point of view, especially when it comes to clothes) to wear for all (again, subjective) the impending wedding invites that I’ll be getting this year. So off I went with five types of fabrics, happily imagining the new kurungs and kebayas that I’ll have in a couple of months’ time.

Kak Jun didn’t see the need to take my measurements again as she thought I haven’t changed much physically. But me and my inquisitive nature insisted that she re-measure, at least my waist, so that I’ll have a more accurate cut for my new garments. So off she went and measured my waist -and not so surprising, it was an inch wider! I was hoping that I magically shrunk, or maintained, to say the least.. After that, she decided to re-measure the entire me all over again, and guess what? Nothing else seemed to expand apart from my waist.


I’m not sure if this is any deal to begin with, after all, women only become superficial when they start comparing themselves with models or other stick figures they come across. And I’m actually quite blessed to have a high metabolic rate, which helped me remain thin despite not exercising ever. Guess I’m just annoyed ‘cos I’ve only given birth once and already I’m an inch wider. Hope it doesn’t start a trend where I’d gain an extra inch with every child I bear!


In an unrelated matter, Tasha had her first bloody bruise on the knee and elbow last weekend. She was always an active child but had been lucky for not enduring any serious injuries. I think the unusual sight of red made her bawl her eyes out more, not the pain, as she’s used to that. Over the next two days, I had to stay home with her as she tiptoed around on her ‘injured’ leg. That sight was too funny for words as it was so melodramatic of her!

We’ve also noticed that she’s starting to have an imaginary friend. At times, she’ll be talking to shim (don’t know whether it’s a boy or girl), arguing who started a fight or something. Nothing to worry about? Hmm..


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