Democracy At Work

Malaysia just had its 12th general election yesterday and the result is pretty shocking. I’m not into politics and shall refrain from sharing with anyone who I voted for.. But several things are clear.

  1. Malaysians, in general, don’t like arrogance (or too much power) among its leaders. I think this is just one way how the people scare the leaders a bit. Hopefully they’ll be more humble if they win again in future. Having said that, BN did an awful job strategizing for this election. They should’ve never underestimated the loss of Selangor.
  2. A strong opposition is also good for any government -they maintain the ‘check and balance’ and a more transparent system. This way, hopefully, it will reduce corruption or any other unscrupulousness among the top guns as they’d be more wary of their actions. Plus, lopsided laws are not that easily made given now that less than 2/3 are in control in Parliament. Somehow, I think this is a good opportunity
  3. People just get bored of the same thing, unless of course, it benefits everyone
  4. Democracy is still very much alive here in Malaysia. The result of this general election proves that the peoples’ voices are heard. I bet many of those five million non-registered voters will vote in the next election.

Now, let’s all hope the new state governments can do better than the last one, eh? Otherwise, off you go too.


One Comment on “Democracy At Work”

  1. Lizzy says:

    And don’t forget, we love the botol kicaps too ^_^

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