Me Dummy?

One of my respondents thought I was an idiot today. Not that he said it exactly, but the way he patronized my method and even suggested that I ought to do a pilot study first.. Well, he definitely thought I was an idiot. Adding more salt to thy wound, he said he “wasted” 15 minutes trying to load a certain page. Oh, the shame..

Thing is, which researcher in the right mind or anyone pursuing this sort of degree, for that matter, would conduct a survey without a pilot study? Uh, none. And just because one did a pilot, it doesn’t guarantee that the actual process will be a 100% smooth sailing. Some glitches here and there are anticipated so it’s a learning process, though kept minimal. Apparently, none of my guineas before faced the problem he seemed to have. Due to its online nature, I realized that there may be some annoying bits in the survey, like respondents would have to answer all the questions marked * before proceeding to the next section (essential for my analysis, so can’t do without it).. Or that they had to tick the box “Others” when giving out there own answers (technical issue, which I can do nothing about unless I’m an expert in HTML or programming).

Anyway, with those realizations, I also included a document version of the survey to my respondents with the hope that if (a big IF) something happens, then they’d be sensible enough to resort to the alternative, hence, not “waste” their precious minutes.

So what did I do? Obviously, being the student, I apologized for the inconvenienced caused and thanked him dearly for pointing out the flaw in the system. I even asked him which question was the culprit so I could do something about it. I also said that if he’s still interested to participate, he could answer the one in Word form that I attached again.

He just replied me back, with the .doc survey form. Not mentioning which question in the online version that was problematic. Oh well.. At least I got one response 🙂


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