The Poor Teacher

Reading about this guy is kinda depressing.

I mean, it’s bad enough that he’s a millionaire doing what he likes at home, he’s getting paid to talk (!), I mean, give motivation (though that is still pretty much talking, to me) to corporations and other online business wannabes. He has written books, generated a great passive income for himself and he has a doctorate. All that and he’s not even 30 yet. Crummy.

I’m not jealous, in fact, I’m actually in awe. And very happy that a youngster of my ethnicity is so successful at such a young age. He’s definitely living proof that Malays are not lazy or unable to succeed without some sort of ‘tongkat’. In fact, his success story sort of reminded me of my earlier post not too long ago. Of course, with every person that loves your work, there are others who have doubts. But that’s life.

You certainly can earn a lot more money through business, may it be online or face-to-face dealings like our forefathers. As for me, business is and never will be my cuppa tea, so I’m just gonna do what I (think I) do best, that’s yakking nonsensically in class. I may not be able to become a millionaire through this profession (seriously, academicians don’t make money. The real dough is out there in the real world) but hopefully, I’ll have enough to live my life with my loved ones.


One Comment on “The Poor Teacher”

  1. Lizzy says:

    You may be in awe of him, I am plain jelesss…JELesss!

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