Getting Fit

I haven’t posted anything for a while. Blame that on my laziness.

Speaking of being lazy, my sluggishness is beginning to affect my health. I have always hated exercising and to think of myself running (oh God) around a field, sheesh, I can’t even make it around my residential block (and that’s only 10 houses along one road) without huffing and puffing horrendously.. Not a pretty sight. But while I have always been unfit in the past years, I was never bothered by my state of physique. Until now.

Now, not only am I not fit, but I feel it too! And I can tell you that it’s not a good feeling. It’s not those average stories you hear about lazy out-of-shape people. Not those “oh, I get so tired easily” or “I’m not energetic” stuffs. Mine is more like, “I get sick pretty often” and “My head aches a lot now”. Guess you don’t need a high degree to recognize which one’s worser.

I visited a doctor yesterday and she gave me loads of iron tablets to help ease my low blood pressure (and to think people with high blood get all the attention). I shared with her of my dizziness, to which she corrected me and said it’s headaches in my case, as my head ‘pounded’ not feel lightheaded. Uhuh. Anyway, she was surprised that I’ve been having those headaches (yep, right term) for almost 13 years and didn’t do anything about it. Thing is, I didn’t even realize it has been that long until she told me to recount my earliest episode. I guess the headaches come and go (and it has been a ‘go’ most of the time) that I feel it’s pretty common. But when she proceeded in asking me of the other symptoms that I experienced, she diagnosed (but yet to be confirmed) that I may have a migraine problem. She prescribed me with these yellowish pills called ‘Ponstan’ alongside another chewable pill to counter any stomach ache that ensues, and told me to keep a diary of my ‘headache’ attacks -what triggered it, what I ate prior to it, how long it last etc for about a month. If nothing improves, then I should go back to her. That seemed simple enough.

Oh, and the last bit. Exercise. Yeah, my favourite word of the day. “No need for anything vigorous, perhaps some brisk walking for half an hour a day?”.. Aight then. Best be off to get ’em jogging shoes. *The author now huffs and puffs to the nearest sports store*


One Comment on “Getting Fit”

  1. teek says:

    heh. i’ve been planning for my exercise regime ever since 2-3 years ago, still tak start till today.

    just thinking about it pun..dah penat dh. tu belum execute lagi!

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