Exercise Take 2

In my attempt to be ‘fitter me’, I’ve finally visited a gym. First time in 30 29 years.. And I must say it was pretty scary (poof you fitness freaks. Don’t mock me). I went to a free one, of course, lest I find the place daunting. Besides, I just wanted to check the atmosphere out or testing the waters, whatever you call it.

I spent an hour on my first day (which was yesterday) and have tried cycling, free weights, dumbells, some leg exercises on that machine (yeah, am that bad. Don’t even know what it’s called) and the treadmill. The report: completed a sad two laps in 10 minutes for cycling, took on at most (only) four weights on the leg machine and slightly more than 2 laps on the treadmill -for fifteen minutes. In total, I think I lost about 70 calories. Ok, so I don’t really know how bad that was but suffice to say it’s been a while since I last sweat! Make that a long while.

While waiting for my turn on the treadmill, I cycled. I watched the girls running, one of them alternated between running, jogging and brisk walking while the other girl ran nonstop (!!). I could barely go longer than 10 minutes cycling (on a measly speed 7 max), how on earth can you run for a whole 30 minutes? And the worst thing? She was way chubbier than me. No, she was chubby. Period. But her level of fitness -wow. As for lifting weights, oh dear, I had to use both arms to pull the weight of one arm! That’s bad.

When my turn came on the treadmill, I started walking, then brisk walked. And didn’t go any faster. Couldn’t! My legs were tired already lah from the previous so-called exercises. Ayoo.. I so gotta go back there and work out more.

In today’s session, I managed to inch up a bit on my ‘performance’. The report: completed a almost four laps (same 10 minutes) for cycling, still took on at most (only) four weights on the leg machine and almost 4 laps on the treadmill for the same fifteen minutes. Total calories lost, er, more than 70 definitely, hehe.

I know these statistics aren’t all that good, but I’m trying. And while I’m still highly spirited, think I’ll definitely make my visits there often.


2 Comments on “Exercise Take 2”

  1. teek says:


    i hope you can bangun the next day 😉

  2. tomei says:

    can lah. a bit wobbly, but i’ll manage!

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