Marriage is Outdated…


Among the features that I discovered when reunited with WordPress was the Freshly Pressed page, which I think, shares the best posts of the day. One particular entry that caught my attention was this piece. Never mind that the article was about the rising trend among Americans who “are racing to trade in the clang of wedding bells for the sweet sound of independence… or at least cohabitation”, but what made my eyes slightly pop was this figure:

Checkout the statistic for Malaysia.

We have more respondents agreeing that marriage is an outdated institution than the US -the nation known for their liberal lifestyle and more, dare I say, free thinkers??


Notwithstanding the issues of sample size and the types of respondents of this survey (yea yea, the geek in me just had to butt in), IF this finding is indeed a reflection of what most Malaysians think, then it surely explains why we have a rise in couples divorcing within the first 5 years (heck, even a  year) of marriage and even more individuals choosing the singleton lifestyles.

I am definitely not one to judge. I mean, if a couple is truly miserable and believe that divorce is the best and only way to solve their marital problems, then so be it. If ladies and gents find that it’s best to be alone than ‘get married but divorce later’, then they have every right to remain unmarried. Besides, who am I to be so comfortable (or secured?) with my life that none of these shitty things may happen in the future *cross fingers*.

Having sad that, I just find it sad that marriage is not seen as a holy unification and a solid binding between two souls in love for most people like it should and used to.


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