Where did THIS Taylor Swift come from??

I’m not a big fan of Taylor Swift, though admittedly, I do hear quite a lot about her from the media. Stuffs like “the Kanye VMA tirade”,  “being dumped by one of those Jonas brothers (who btw, I still don’t know which one is which)”, “she allegedly dated the douche John Mayor” and the latest buzz that “she’s dating Jake Gyllenhaal (?!)”… yeah, I’ve heard or read about them. And because her songs get so much airplay, I do enjoy listening to some of them. Her latest single ‘Speak Now’ is pretty funny and catchy. Really.

I don’t think she has that great of a voice or has the best of lyrics in her songs.. BUT she is a Grammy award-winning artiste, so I suppose there is some greatness in her -however subjective you’d like to see it.

In terms of looks, yea, she’s pretty alright. Your typical sweet, demure and ala “damsel in distress” girl who young hingusan boys go crazy over. I mean, she likes to portray those fairy-tale princess images -think ringlets, diamante headbands and blond curls, ever so often in her video clips that it’s becoming too common (read: bo-ring).

So I was pleasantly surprised to see her looking like this at the recent AMA awards

when she normally looks like this

or this

I must say, hair and makeup can certainly make a woman!


One Comment on “Where did THIS Taylor Swift come from??”

  1. wniza says:

    Ugghh!! Hate her hate her hate her. Suara sengau tak sedap.

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