What (Not) to Wear

OK, I have always been a bad dresser.

I am one of those people who will and can (two very different concepts) wear the same things or have the same colour or type of garments, to which others may think that I wear the same thing everyday. My typical outfit would be jeans, a tee-like top and (hopefully) a matching tudung. And since most of my clothes are of the same staple colours -think blacks, browns and greys, I will always inadvertently end up wearing a black tudung. Of course, my simple mind would justify this as a case of “senang nak match”, which is true and very practical. The problem is, I do look dull, unimaginative and come across as a lousy dresser.. and we’re back to the start of this paragraph.

It’s not that I haven’t made any effort. I did, really. In the last few months of my thesis writing, I had this uncanny desire to watch make-up tutorials on YouTube and went on a blog hopping frenzy on fashion blogs and online stores. During my viva, I bought some new pieces of clothing, wore them back and (finally) made my hubby happy and lucky to be married to a girl. I even dressed in nothing but skirts and dresses during our romantic getaway or “post viva vacation”. I felt really good about myself and realized that, “Hey, this isn’t so bad after all”. All it takes is a wee bit of effort and a slightly longer time in front of the mirror, and I can look a bit nicer!

But “groovy me” was short-lived. The minute I entered my first trimester and started throwing up, down and center, I was so allergic to the smells of my none-smelling make-up and itchy around the abdomen to don the nice new attires that it’s back to “sloppy me”. Oh well.. Hope this goes back to normal (eh, which is normal again??) after my delivery.

So now I have a problem. What the heck am I going to wear for my graduation? I am a bloated (though admittedly, not so much fatter), pregnant lady who is going to her winter graduation next week and, at the risk of sounding so blond, I have nothing to wear.

Need. To go. Shopping. Pronto.


3 Comments on “What (Not) to Wear”

  1. wniza says:

    You can wear a long skirt and a top yg lawa sikit lah (preferably fitted maternity top type? Boleh cari kat Mothercare/M&S/Mothers Club kot). Keep it black so nampak slim. But then, do NOT wear a black tudung. Instead find a nice selendang yg boleh pakai belit2 tu, and get one yg shiny/ada glitter/texture/colours so nampak bright sikit. Wear heels – u dah 2nd trimester kan?
    And of course put on makeup! I’m sure you’ll look great.

  2. yanihm says:

    yup, am thinking of wearing a skirt jugak. and i do plan to do the lilit2 thing cos the topi will look huduh, i reckon, if worn with the usual tudung way..
    speaking of heels, er, tak sejuk ke pakai kasut biasa? haha.. i keep on imagining the outdoor graduation they have in summer. can’t imagine how it’d be like this time cos the venue’s the same!

  3. wniza says:

    Ha ah yeah, sejuk pulak. OKlah pakai boots la kot.
    Pakai selendang style cam ni, boleh add long dangling earrings, lagi lawa.

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