New Look

Hey, how do you like the blog’s new look? I know that green is probably a tad boring, or serious, but the rest of the layout is pretty clean & simple, which is always appealing to me. I have, in fact, been using the same old layout for over three years so a change is good.

I was at my office this whole afternoon cleaning up. It’s been so long overdue! Imagine my students had to meet me in my dusty office last semester for consultation -oh, the shame! I swear that a creature even died in there but the place was too messy for me to find out what (or where) till it was too late. Eek. Thing is, I really didn’t have time to do any cleaning, what with my corrections needed to be done, new lecture notes needed to be prepared plus, I was living 60km away from the office AND I was in my first trimester. Hah, there. All the valid excuses I could think of, hehe..

As for now, I’m way too pooped to write anymore entries. Besides, Hubby’s been bugging to use the internet so will update more (hopefully interesting) things later.


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