On the Contrary, I Graduated..

I had my graduation ceremony today. It was indeed a memorable experience. Today’s event not only marked the culmination of my success as a result of a long three-year PhD study, but it was also a reminder that I am still an idiot who couldn’t read the time of her flight properly (see the last post).

The day began rather hectically as I didn’t have any outfit to wear or any proper shoes to go with what I didn’t have already. So after breakfast, the three of us rushed to the city and I made a dash to a couple of shops to find a suitable attire. This was not an easy feat. Looking slightly pregnant, I needed something loose around the abdomen but not too I-am-pregnant looking, which was what were available in the maternity department. I also needed something with a button down front to make it easier for me to hang the cape (er, do you call it cape?). So something shirt-ish might do the trick. In the end, I settled on this ladies shirt from Monsoon. It was on sale and could even be worn at other times i.e. when I’m not pregnant.

We rushed back to the B&B for prayers, changed our clothes and called the taxi to go the graduation venue. The day was supposed to be sunny but at a maximum temperature of -1, it was still freezing cold. I don’t know how the other female graduands managed to wear short skirts and pose around the campus whereas I was struggling to muster a smile in photos. I just hope I didn’t look too blue..

The graduation ceremony itself was pretty quick and laid-back, unlike the 3-4 hours sessions in Malaysia with all the Dulis and Tuankus, so it was quite refreshing. Unfortunately, the queue for the photograph session reminded me of home as it was excruciatingly long! I had to constantly remind myself that this was the last time that I’ll ever be graduating and that I never had any professional post-convocation picture taken before, so bear with it!

After hour of standing, posing, shivering and waiting, we finally went home. Overall, it was a good day.. but it could have been greater with my husband around 😦


2 Comments on “On the Contrary, I Graduated..”

  1. CA says:

    Hey you congratulations !!!! 🙂

  2. yanihm says:

    hehehe…thanks CA!

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