Shopping Hates Me

I realized something. Whenever I get eager and enthusiastically make plans weeks before a supposed shopping trip, something would usually happen that prevents me from going, or actually enjoying shopping.

Take last year, I made plans to go to Cheshire Oak on Boxing Day with the girls in my family i.e. my sisters, my moms, my daughter, and hubby as the designated driver. I was so excited. I made the itinerary months before my family came to Malvern (where we were staying at the time), took note of which shops to go to first, second, third etc and what to get at each shop. I even elaborated a plan of where to park so we can ambush the Next shop easily. But on Christmas Day, I started to have this tummy ache, which then morphed into a massive case of diarrhea that dragged on till S-day… suffice to say, I ended up staying home while the rest of the girls (and hubs the driver) make their way to Cheshire Oak.

And this year, I made plans to go shopping on Oxford Street for a couple of days after my graduation. Again, super excited and I made a list of what to buy at each shop that I intended to ambush. Unfortunately, God has other plans for me when it comes to planned shopping. After missing my flight the first time, I was adamant to make the most of my trip. Alhamdulillah, I was alright during the first two days of my trip -graduation day inclusive. But on the third day, I started to develop an itchy throat, my nose started to get blocked and before I knew it, my temperature started to rise on the train from Nottingham to London. I spent most of the following day bed-ridden in Malaysia Hall, sweating buckets but at the same time freezing to near death as the weather was still sub-zero. I didn’t go to Oxford Street as planned that morning. I felt awful that I couldn’t buy the intended souvenirs I wanted for myself and everyone on my list so I did force myself to Whiteley’s shopping center  and part of Oxford Street later that evening.. but it was really difficult to enjoy shopping when your head is throbbing, nose is stuffed and body felt burning all at the same time. I swear my hands were shaking the whole time that my sister had to hold me and guide me through the crowd. I had to pop paracetamol every four hours to keep me going.

I know that there is usually a good thing behind every mishap, and although missing out on some great shopping is in no way a catastrophe, I still find it odd that shopping isn’t therapeutic to me, unlike to most other women. Instead, it makes me sick, literally!


5 Comments on “Shopping Hates Me”

  1. wniza says:

    Kesiannya… so next time, cuba jangan excited sangat, ha ha ha.. or buat solat hajat dulu so that boleh pergi. And take the flu shot!

    • yanihm says:

      hahaha.. i couldn’t take the flu shot even if i wanted to. i should’ve taken it before preggy, but mana lah tau kan?
      takpe, i’m saving for our next big trip, which god knows when we can afford to go on another trip.. ingat nak gi US this time 🙂

  2. wniza says:

    Coolness.. love the US. Nak gi East ke West?

  3. yanihm says:

    hehehe.. no idea yet. as for now, it’s just a dream. eh girl, mana equivalent to oxford street (or cheshire oaks) ye kat US?

  4. wniza says:

    Banyak la girl. US mmg shopping heaven. Each city tu ada je la factory outlet. We went to the West Coast, so pergi Vegas punya and there was another one I think near Monterey (near San Fransisco). Kalau kat NYC, yg paling famous street is Fifth Avenue.

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