I Miss My Home

It’s been four months since we started our major repairs and renovation works on our home at SG. I don’t know how long I can take it anymore -traveling to and fro Klang to work at Gombak on a daily basis is driving me crazy. Some people enjoy driving, it’s like, their physiques are just built for the road. I am not one of those people. I get sleepy even when I’m on the passenger seat (my Hubby can attest to this). God knows how many times I fell asleep almost immediately the engine starts running. Regardless whether the journey is a long one, short one, bumpy one.. I have no problem dozing off. So imagine how hard it is I have to try to stay awake and alert now since I am the one behind the wheel. The long journey is really starting to take its toll on my poor ol’ body.

Speaking of our new and improved home, it really is a major piece of work. I can say that over ninety percent of the house is being re-done, with only the stairs and the ceiling untouched. Some may ask us, “why bother with all this?”. Thing is, the whole renovation process is not so much of making our home more beautiful, though it is somewhat expected, but it is more of repairing the thirty year old house. The roofs had to be changed, so does all the pipes and wiring.. not to mention we need to have new walls as the current ones are being eaten away by termites and other living things I can’t identify. We plan to raise our daughter during her primary years in that home, plus, we have another one coming into the world in a few months. Career wise, I have up to seven years bond with my current employer.. so might as well get comfortable and live in a nice, cozy home.

Hubby is taking a week off from Christmas to New Year to clean the house, so we’re hoping all is done by next week. But it still looks like there are lots of things to do around the house. I love our contractor -he’s meticulous, tidy and has workers with great workmanship.. but can you guys please move on a little! I miss living in our home. I miss my kitchen (wow, never thought I’d say that). I miss the SG surrounding and convenience, surprising as that may seem ‘cos the place is too crowded and busy at times.. even our daughter is beginning to doodle in her little notebook of how much she misses her home. She asked me yesterday, “Mami, how do you spell Gombak?”

*Sigh*.. Need a bit more patience.



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