Do You Mind??

One of the things that annoy me most is when another person stands a bit too close behind you at the ATM while you are withdrawing cash. I mean, come on! These basic things pun nak kena ajar ke? It is so rude to do so. I know lah, they don’t mean to look into your balance or anything.. but still, the mere act is almost neanderthal, like “Have you no manners? Or have you no basic common courtesy?”

Just this morning, I was lining up at the ATM at my office (yes, a place where supposedly the people are learned and perhaps, slightly cultured). As I was waiting in Q, I was happy to see nobody standing behind me until the very last minute when my turn came up, a chubby fella made his way behind me and as I inserted my ATM card in the slot, I knew he was standing a bit too close for my comfort -I could see his nostrils’ reflection on the ATM!

It is bloody annoying.


2 Comments on “Do You Mind??”

  1. leha says:

    i brought noah to an atm machine once, lil dude dengan selamba (without intending to be rude of course) sighed loudly and asked “what’s taking so longgg?” to the person in front of me..i was mortified..! maybe we need kids to ask “uncle apsal dekat sangat ehhhhhh?” hehe

  2. yanihm says:

    hahaha.. kids memang honest to goodness!

    dulu i pernah sound some kids yang nyibuk too near me when i was withdrawing cash. i said something like “dik, tolong berdiri jauh sikit boleh?” pastu emak diorang pulak yang pandang i slack. like, wth?!

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