I Am NO Bree Van Der Kamp

The last few days have been crazy! We micro managed our renovation project as we think it’s crucial to be more hands-on now that the house is almost complete. Since I have lectures and Hubby has a week off work, he was around the house more often, hovering over the workers, calling the contractor every half an hour and making sure all the small details and the remaining things to be done are in place. I am truly grateful for his commitment throughout this entire project because, to be honest, it is quite taxing! Ini rumah baru sekangkang kera dah pening, I can’t even begin to imagine going through all this for our real dream home in the future.

Anyway, one of the things that had to be taken care of was the curtains and seeing that we have a new home and all, I have decided against buying ready-made ones from Jusco like I used to (yea yea, I’m getting in touch with my snob side).

One thing that I learnt from this whole curtain-seeking business is that, curtains are expensive. Like, really expensive! Being the lazy-bone that I am, I hate the thought of measuring the dimensions of our new windows, going to Tangkak or Nilai 3 to hunt for cheap (or so they say) fabrics and then sending them off to some makcik or cousins for upah jahit. I know I may be able to save some big bucks by doing all that but seriously, who has the time now? I am up to here (hand under my nose) in waiting to move back into my newly revamped home, plus, there are loads of other tidbits to look after so I really can’t be bothered to do all that.. and that is why I’ve decided to join  the bandwagon and go to a “one stop” home deco center to handle the curtains for my house.

We went to SSF and booked for our window measurements and pictures to be taken. The worker came two days later -took the necessary shots, made the measurements and gave some suggestions as to which types of curtains can be done for each room. This afternoon we went back to the showroom and discussed in more detail with the consultant on the specifics i.e. the (OMG banyaknye jenis!!) type of curtains i.e. double or single railing, rod or no rod, classic pleat or not, Roman blinds etc, the type of fabric for each curtain and the colours that go with each room theme. We spent hours walking all over the showroom to browse at the selection of fabrics, mixed and matched here and there and made her give us alternative quotations for different designs and fabrics to suit our budget. Suffice to say, we ended up paying a lot more than we budgeted for but we’re pretty happy with the choices of curtains and their services so far. After all this, I really have a new found respect for people who take their time to beautifying their homes. I think I’m beginning to understand that adage “home is where the art is”. Heh.


4 Comments on “I Am NO Bree Van Der Kamp”

  1. yana says:

    everyday is a new experience, innit?! i’m sure i have lots to learn when i get back to gombak..adoi malasnya;-(

  2. yanihm says:

    hehe.. bukan u dah ada rumah cantik ke waiting for u, yana?

  3. yana says:

    hahahahaha….that rumah cantik is not mine lo. btw, go and get impiana jan 2011, you’ll see the house;-)

  4. yanihm says:

    wah, yes ahh? the normal impiana or impiana dapur? ada dua edisi this month. oh well, i’ll just check out both then 🙂

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