More Home Improvement Tips I Just Gotten to Know..

We had our pergola done today. At first, we wanted to use solid Cengal wood with tiles on top like most of the designs on existing houses that we saw and liked. But due to our limited budget, we opted for a pergola made of shingles with Balau wood instead. The idea didn’t seem too bad so I was quite looking forward to it.

The pergola contractor (which is a brother to Hubby’s colleague) came as early as 8 am to drop off his five workers. By the time we arrived at the house, he had already left. I was initially quite wary as to the quality of work that the workers would accomplish as the ‘boss’ was not around but decided to give them a shot.

Apart from the pergola, we also had our doors installed and varnished. Being the ‘newbies’ that we are on home improvement, we didn’t realize how expensive it would be to have a wooden door varnished. The three uncles who did our five doors spent the whole day, literally, mengadap pintu tu je. I hope they stopped to have lunch, but I wasn’t too sure as we left for lunch. Anyway, they varnished each door six times and in between each varnish, they will sandpaper the doors. It’s no wonder that the whole process costs a little bit more than expected.

At the same time, we had our existing workers finishing up our porch. Two of them did some work inside, like covering the spaces in between our stairs and tidying up the plasters. Altogether we had 12 workers doing different things around the house. They worked almost non-stop, even during the afternoon when it was so scorching hot. I treated them ice-cream in the late afternoon seeing that it was really hot, plus, it was a public holiday.

At the end of the day, we were very happy with the end results. The doors looked great -I never knew that six coats of varnish (and sand paper in between) was what it takes to make a solid wooden door, which is originally pale in colour to actually look like a real dark brown, wooden door. The pergola was my favourite part. Though I had my doubts about the workmanship at the beginning, the workers proved me wrong. When the pergola contractor came back later, he oversaw what his workers did and made some teeny adjustments here and there. After they shellacked the Balau and sprayed the silver lining in between the shingles and wood with brown rustic colour, the pergola did, in fact, look great!

I’m going back there tomorrow to clear the stuffs under the stairs. I know I’ll be smiling in my sleep tonight. *Yawn*


3 Comments on “More Home Improvement Tips I Just Gotten to Know..”

  1. wniza says:

    I’m sure it’s gonna look fantastic!

  2. yanihm says:

    aww, you’re too kind! tapi rasanya by the time u guys balik malaysia, my new home dah tak nampak ‘new’ kot, ehehehe..

  3. shsuya says:

    Viva, how could I forget you! I’m surprised you stopped by despite the dust and cobwebs on my blog hehee

    How r u ? Last we chatted you were just married n possibly preggie. now I see (read) you have a daughter. Time sure flies. BTW are you on FB ? search for me, Sharifah Suraiya

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