Hate ‘Em Dumb Blonde Moments..

Alright, day 2 of the 30-day writing challenge requires me to share with you the thing that I regretted not having done last year. Oh, that’s easy -not letting the others see, or double check, the flight time of our trip to the UK!!! Arggghhhh!!! I still have the urge to hurl myself against the wall whenever I recall that moment.

Like most people, I have done quite a lot of dumb things in life but last year’s mishap, was by far, my worst ever! Since I’ve already blogged about it and I have no intention of evoking my idiocy, I’ll just let those who are interested to know more about it to go here. Hmph.

Now let’s see, I don’t think I regretted not doing anything else last year. Does that mean I’m disqualified from this challenge? Already?? Hehe.


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