New Addition

I should really be more disciplined and fill my blog entries more consistently. Not that anybody’s reading them… but, at least I have something to do other than expressing milk and changing diapers.

Oh yes, THAT.

Tasha’s got a new baby brother! His name is Rayyan, which in Arabic has several meanings -satisfaction, luxuriant and one of the names of the gates of heaven. He was born at APSH, just like his sister, on 14.04.11 at 5.24pm.

Initially, I was expected to deliver normally as I did with Tasha. In fact, I was also set to do it drug-free like the first time.. but we can only plan, right? On labour day, which began as a usual weekly checkup for me, the doctor suggested that there might be a sign of fetal distress and since I haven’t gotten pregnant in a while (more like 6 years), she didn’t recommend that I wait any longer -though at this time, my contractions were already consistent and getting stronger. She then left us to discuss privately. As much as I could hold on to the pain and wanted to give birth normally, I wasn’t about to risk anything for my baby. So in 5 minutes, we both agreed to have an emergency C-section. My eyes watered when Hubby signed the relevant form, I don’t really know why. Maybe because I’ve never had any surgery before, or maybe because Hubby wasn’t allowed to be with me during the procedure, or maybe because the thought of being on GA terrified the hell out of me.. what if I don’t wake up? What if there are further complications, ‘cos I once read that general anesthesia carries more risks than local (it was only much later that I realized the real, practical reason of me wanting to shed tears -the cost of the operation was a bomb!)

As the nurses scurried away getting everything ready while I was being pushed in and out of the elevator (they weren’t kidding when they say it’s an emergency!), I tried to remain calm, which proved to be quite difficult since my contractions and heart beat were dancing hard simultaneously. In the OR, I remembered vividly how it felt so much scarier and looked less glamorous compared to the scenes in Grey’s Anatomy. I remembered being asked to sign something seconds before dozing off. The next thing I remembered, I felt itchy in the throat and, almost instantly, felt this throbbing pain in my abdomen. I thought I was contracting again and asked the nurse when will it be over. They smiled and said “Dah lama habis kak. Dah sejam dah”. Wow, I truly was heavily sedated, hehe.

Back in my ward, Hubby awaited me with a smile and since I was still ‘high’ on drugs, he said I rambled  nonsensically for the next few minutes –“have u seen our son?”.. “it’s still a boy, right?”.. “is the baby alright?”.. “jari2 dia cukup tak?”..”jari2 dia lawa tak?”.. OH-kay, enough of crazy me.

So that’s basically the story of how our son was born. Nothing out of the ordinary, though personally, I think every delivery is a miracle in itself. But I have to say, having given birth both vaginally and C-section, I think the latter is slightly more painful. At least when it comes to taking care of myself during confinement. Think I’ll write more on that in another entry, hehe..

Welcome to the world, Rayyan!


4 Comments on “New Addition”

  1. wniza says:

    Yup, I remember my emergency c-sect and how ‘fast and furious’ everything was. I was awake though, and lemme tell you that was no fun either to have all the sounds (think ‘bbbzzzzzz…’) and kling klang going on. But the recovery was faster than what you described going through. Oh, well. I’d do it all again!

  2. yanihm says:

    niza, i’m sure it’s just as scary to be awake during the entire process! i remembered what hm told me (ni attempt nak make me feel better lah), what matters is that both baby & i are safe and healthy. tu je. the cost, we’ll worry about later, hehe..
    i think it’s quite fair. i carry the physical ‘burden’ while he settles the financial one (or most of it anyway) 😉

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