The Climb

It’s been slightly over 2 months since Rayyan was born, so I’m waaaay over my confinement and should assume that my internals are ‘business as usual’. However, I’m still feeling a bit weird, like a tad wobbly (?) inside if I move too quickly or up and about without the support of my bengkung, so I think I’m gonna keep wearing it for a while. Guess I’m actually sticking to my new year’s resolution to wear the bengkung for 100 days! *Pat self on the back*

A bit of update on the people around me..

Hubs is going to climb Mount Kinabalu next month with his brother, so he’s been keeping fit this past few weeks. Every weekend he’d get up early and head on to Batu Caves, which is nearby our place, and climb those 272 steps for a few rounds. At first he would just walk up the stairs and then he began to jog. Now (I think) he’s beginning to run up those steps. He has also enrolled himself in a gym nearby the office so after work he’d stay back a while for a run on the treadmill and a quick swim. As the supporting wife, I also try to feed him healthily, though my idea of ‘healthy cooking’ is pretty limited considering I’m not much of a cook and am not that fit myself. But I do try. I’ve been limiting spicy and oily foods for dinner, and have made soups and bake as often as I can.

Seeing him this determined in preparing himself for the climb makes me wanna keep fit myself. Unfortunately, the ‘lazy me’ is still very much prevalent than the ‘ideal me’ who wants to get toned. Besides, I can’t seem to find the time and opportunity, what with Rayyan being a hugger most of the time. But hope is not all that lost. I really don’t wish to be a sickly being next to a fit husband, so I’ve been strapping Rayyan on myself while doing house chores these past few days. It takes quite a lot of getting used to as the sling is not as comfy as most people claim it to be. I do hope this ‘exercise’ is working ‘coz carrying a 5 over kilo boy sure is exhausting!

Speaking of our son, we brought him for his first medical checkup last week. The pediatrician was pleasantly surprised to see him so semangat -he weighed a good 5.07kg from just 2.8kg at birth. He got his first shot, to which he cried a wee bit before settling down as Papa rocked him on the shoulder. When asked about his wheezing and breathing that’s bogged down by a lot of phlegm, the doc asked a string of questions. Do any of us or family members have asthma? Do we sleep with the air-condition on at night? Since when has he been like this? Is he breast or formula fed? After a while his diagnose was this: Rayyan may have a milk allergy. He suggested that we switch to a soy-based formula and that I stop eating dairy products for a while as the allergen may be passed on to him through my milk.

Wow, cutting back dairy from my diet proves to be much harder than my pantang! At least for the former, all I needed to do was avoid eggs and foods that are gassy, ‘sharp’ and ‘windy’. Staying clear of milk products means goodbye to almost all of my favourite food! That’s cheese, ice-cream, chocolates, yogurts, yogurt drinks, lassi and most cakes and desserts. Oh well, sayang anak punya pasal kan..

As for our beloved little girl, Tasha has been such a good girl. She’s proof that it’s always nice to have a daughter for a first born :).. While she may have her tantrums and temper, like most kids do, she will always attend to her baby brother whenever he lets out as much as an ‘Eekk’ sound. And when a full blown cry erupts, she’ll be the one bossing me to get the milk ready with her “Mami, quick, adik is cryyyying!!”. So sweet.


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