What keeps the little guy happy

Like most working moms, early mornings can be pretty hectic. There’s breakfast to be prepared even if it means a simple peanut butter & jelly sandwich, lunch to be packed for the school going kid and school uniform and working attires to be ironed (which ideally should be done during the weekend -but somehow, I always fail to adhere to it). All this is manageable stress-free, until the big boss wakes up.
Yes, I’m talking about the baby. The teeniest one of the lot but has enough power to command the entire household. I still wonder to this day how one can lose some sense of calmness and composure when faced with a screaming baby. When Hubs and Tasha leave the house at 6.30am, I normally have an hour and a half of ‘me time’ to hang the laundry that I might’ve washed the night before, sweep the dusty floors, surf the net (ehehe) and to prep for work. But my mind and actions go haywire when Rayyan cries, and boy, does he CRY.
With no helper around, I needed to find some ways to keep him happy and preoccupied while I get ready. I’ve tried loads of things, from traditional methods like cushy books, rattles and flash cards to modern gadgets (read: iPad). At times, he’s pretty old-fashioned and soothes himself easily with the flash cards. But that usually lasts for 5 minutes, after which he’d throw the cards away and scream at the top of his lungs again. You would think that the iPad would certainly work in times like these, but it doesn’t. While Rayyan does enjoy watching colorful games or interactive apps on the iPad, perhaps because he’s too young to appreciate them, he ends up uninterested after a few minutes.
After months of trial and error, I finally discovered these almost sure-fire solutions (I said almost ‘coz at times they don’t work either) to get him lulled.  For whatever reason, my little boy only, and I mean only likes these YouTube videos:
  • Charlie Bit Me (damn, this one only lasts for 0:56. If only it was longer, like, an hour??)
  • Waybuloo Yogo
  • Mister Maker’s shapes
I tried to understand the pattern here so that I can collect similar videos, but so far, I can’t see one. Not all Waybuloo videos interest him, likewise, not all Mister Maker segments catch his fancy. And although there are thousands of cute kiddy videos on YouTube, none interest him as much as the antics of those two brothers -but you’ve gotta admit, there’s something creepy about Charlie & bro that manage to get kids and even adults alike to watch them over and over again on the internet (over 453 million view tu).
So that’s my blab this morning. I’d write more but, oh-oh, the little guy’s awake. And he’s calling (more like screaming) for me now. Toodles.

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