Hello 2014!.. And New Year’s Resolutions (of course)



It’s already the second day of the new year.. how time flies!

I was determined not to have any new year’s resolutions this year because, let’s face it, most of them don’t get done anyway. But after spending the entire day yesterday cleaning my eldest’s room, re-arranging her books and de-cluttering her mess in preparation for the new school year, I might have to resolute myself into doing just that. And stick to it.

This year, I resolve to:

  • Go home early. As a lecturer, I’m pretty lucky to have flexible working hours.. but that was before I had my PhD and before all this craziness enthusiasm of my institution to embrace the Research University status. Now we’re expected to be more actively involved in research along the USUAL teaching workload, plus, the fact that I’m an academic advisor, which means additional responsibilities in students’ affairs and administration (though admittedly, I really do like this part of my job, next to teaching). All this really keep me longer at campus even after office hours. That’s about to change, I hope. Starting today, I plan to go back at 5PM, OK, latest by 5.10PM. Why, you might ask? That’s my next resolution.
  • Cook dinner early. We don’t have any helper so I usually cook dinner after work. Before this I tend to be laid back, sometimes starting to cook after Maghrib or even at 8PM (it helps that my other half comes home late from work). Why would I want to cook early, you might ask? The reasons are twofold. One, I heard that it isn’t good for kids to eat too late, lest they lack time to process their food before bedtime. So it’s high time I do this. Two, that is my next resolution, and my most important one to keep.
  • Help my eldest with her schoolwork. One of the reasons why I did my PhD before any of my kids started school and determined to finish it early (well, relatively early compared to most people I know) was because I wanted to be able to spend more time with them and help them with their school work. Though initially, it didn’t start off like that. When I was little, I vowed not to be like my mom who is a tiger mom. She was very strict with our homework. Making sure we complete them first before TV, eh, ke no TV.. I can’t remember. The rotan was never far from her reach whenever we misbehaved. But after having my own kids, I finally understood why she did what she did. I think I am a tiger mom, but not the classic type, because at times I do give in to my kids’ requests.. But most of the time, I am the bad cop and the killjoy. Hehe.. Anyway, that was the plan, many years ago. However, as work started, I got busier.. and it’s true what they say. Academic life only starts after PhD. But that’s about to change. I resolve not to be too reliant on the teachers (or too much outsource, as they say), to be with her when she does her homework and to help her study. I pray that I’m strong enough to do this, because everyone knows how schoolwork and kids just don’t match.

So that’s it. I’m being realistic by not having too many resolutions. Just keeping them short and hopefully, doable 🙂


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