About Me ..and this Blog


I started blogging in my university days. Being young, mainly single and with much less responsibilities at the time, my entries were fun, crazy and filled with typical young adult angst. But THIS blog is different.

I created this blog in mid-March 2007 when I started my PhD. This is basically my outlet for ongoing frustrations, nonsensical blabbering and perhaps, inspiration. I often hear that blogs are great for writing practices. Maybe I’ll do just that – practice my writing (read: grunts, complaints, bitchin’) but for the most part, this blog will be a recollection of my experience. I write in English though at times, I may want to indulge in some Malay gibberish.

I am married to my McDreamy and we have a little girl, a little boy and have just added another princess to our little family.

Now that my PhD is complete, alhamdulillah, I’ve decided to end my hiatus and blog (or babble?) about the goings on of my mundane life. But being the lazy bone that I am, entries would definitely be on an ‘on-and-off’ basis.


A little bit about me.

Prefers horror flicks to romance, chocolates to flowers, flats to heels, jeans to kurungs (except now that I’m working, it’s just so much easier to wear the latter).

Loves embracing the fact that I can actually cook (!) IF I try hard enough, although, I may never be as gorgeous-looking-in-the-kitchen as Nigella, exercising my mind by having ‘intellectual’ debates with hubby, playing Words With Friends and Candy Crush, gossiping (guilty!), chocolates, big soft chewy chocolate chip cookies, Artisan cheesecake, Baskin Robbins, Garret popcorn, fast food, witty & well-timed jokes, good-natured people, music, movies, chatting with BFF and of course, chilling with my hubby and little munchkins at home.

Hates exercising, waiting, massive traffic, long lines at the supermarket/cinema/bank, liars, people who stare and perasan bagus, fruitcakes (the food, not crackpots)


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